The Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership

The Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP) was initiated in 1997 to facilitate cooperative and integrated research on the Bay of Fundy at an ecosystem scale. 

BoFEP is an inclusive, flexible and multidimensional organization for encouraging communication and co-operation among all Fundy stakeholders. Established as a "Virtual Institute", with no bricks and mortar, its main objective has been to foster wise conservation and management of the Bay's resources and habitats, by disseminating information, monitoring the state of the ecosystem and encouraging co-operative activities.

Specific research projects, conservation activities and other initiatives of the Institute are undertaken by multidisciplinary Working Groups constituted as needed from among the membership. Timely information exchange among the diverse and widely dispersed members of the Institute is mediated by a comprehensive Web Site readily accessible to both members and the general public.

Membership in BoFEP is open to all interested citizens who share the general Vision, including community groups, resource harvesters, scientists, resource managers, coastal zone planners, businesses, government agencies, industries, shipping interests and academic institutions.

For more information regarding BoFEP, please visit the BoFEP website at  It's an excellence resource for material on the Bay of Fundy!