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The Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research (ACER) was established in 1985 following 70 years of interest and study on the potential and implications of tidal power development in the Bay of Fundy.  Initial funds were provided by the Secretary of State under the Centres of Specialization Fund, with additional facility and funding support provided by Acadia University. 

The primary objective of the Centre is to focus research attention on estuaries and nearshore coastal ecosystems. Although the Centre has been involved in research projects in numerous areas of the world, its main research emphasis has been on the estuarine systems of the Bay of Fundy and the hydrographically-related Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank.

The Centre actively encourages cooperative, multidisciplinary research programs that involve scientists and students from different disciplines and different institutions--regional, national, and international. Projects carried out by the Centre may involve any individuals from other academic units, working in collaboration, and often utilize the talents of research scientists at other institutions, both university and government.

This year, 2010, marks the 25th Anniversary of the Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research. We have many events planned, including a tidal power debate on 31 March, tidal power seminars, Art Gallery exhibitions, and a celebrartory event in the fall to recognize past and present activities with current and former research partners and collaborators. For more information, see the links on the right side of this page.


ACER is the only Estuarine Research Centre in Canada!

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Tidal Power Debate -
March 31, 2010

Century of Tidal Power Research